Solar Powered People

Solar Powered People were an absolutely stunning shoegaze/space rock band from Modesto, CA.  They ceased to exist a few years ago, however, I still frequently share their music as it's still so fresh to my ears.  My now defunct label, Three Ring Records, released a couple of their albums and an EP; and during their time with the label, the opportunity to produce a video as a student project was presented to myself and the band.  Now I know when the term "student project" is associated with something I immediately expect questionable results; perhaps this is on account of my time spent as an educator?  Anyhow, when the video was finally delivered, it kicked my eyes in the ass!  The production value was tremendous, and the message the video delivered was poignant and undeniably relevant.  Without saying anything further, I would like to invite you to take a look and listen.  I hope you enjoy.